Friendly Fires

Jack Savidge remixes Clean Bandit

Thursday July 4, 2013

Friendly Fires’ Jack Savidge’s remix of Dust Clears has premiered on music/style site Planet Notion.

Of the remix of the new Clean Bandit single, Planet Notion said: “Taking what’s undoubtedly one of the most introspective tracks we’ve heard to date from Baroque house four-piece Clean Bandit in ‘Dust Clears‘, Friendly Fires‘ Jack Savidge turns the song’s minimal beats and thoughtful vocals into a clamorous ocean of oscillating arpeggios and unrelenting percussion. In doing so, he creates a floor-ready firecracker ready to spontaneously combust at the drop of a pin.

What’s remarkable though, is how Savidge is able to maintain the original’s sense of longing way after his reworking has descended into pure club territory. You only have to listen out for the carefully cultivated string section interludes – which bring to mind the quartet’s biggest hit to date, ‘Mozart’s House‘ – and the way in which the ‘Dust Clear”s soulful vocals gain another level of desperation and gravitas when placed against Savidge’s lush beats. A becoming reinterpretation that never loses sight of its roots”.

Clean Bandit’s ‘Dust Clears EP’ will be released on 28 July, which also includes remixes from Thom alt-J and Russ Chimes, and an exclusive new Clean Bandit track ‘Rhianna’. Pre-order ‘Dust Clears EP’ here


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