Friendly Fires

UK Tour Dates Rescheduled

Wednesday November 16, 2011

Due to Ed’s ongoing illness we have rescheduled a number of our UK tour dates including tomorrow in Manchester and Friday night in Glasgow. Original tickets remain valid. If you have any questions please contact your point of purchase.

The new dates are:

15 December Apollo, Manchester
16 December Guildhall, Southampton
18 December O2 Academy, Newcastle
19 December Rock City, Nottingham
20 December Barrowlands, Glasgow

FF x


  1. I have tickets for BOTANIQUE BRUSSELS
    on 15 December ?

    — marjolijn · Wednesday November 16, 2011 · #

  2. Wait… isn’t the Brussels date on December 15th though?

    Elle · Wednesday November 16, 2011 · #

  3. Yeah, Brussels gig is cancelled. Not funny at all :(

    — Catherine · Wednesday November 16, 2011 · #

  4. What about the Amsterdam gig?????? Flights and tickets bought for that…. great!!

    — Katy · Wednesday November 16, 2011 · #

  5. Is the gig at the Melkweg gonna be postponed? Or is it just totally cancelled :(

    — Dorien · Wednesday November 16, 2011 · #

  6. BOO hoo, I too have tickets bought for the Brussels gig! (15th Dec) It’s my birthday too! It was going to be my birthday treat!
    not happy if cance1lled :-(
    not a good birthday for me now…. ( Dec birthdays are hard enough….)

    — Cherry · Wednesday November 16, 2011 · #

  7. Gutted, had tickts for Manchester Apollo on Nov 17th but new date is no good as we are away on holiday……not happy as he has been looking forward to this for months!!!

    — Katy jeffries · Wednesday November 16, 2011 · #

  8. Gutted. my 20th today.. i was well looking forward to the concert. hope Ed gets better soon :)

    — Sophie · Thursday November 17, 2011 · #

  9. What about Leeds on Saturday 19th? When will you confirm if not? Hope Ed gets better tho.

    — Ella · Thursday November 17, 2011 · #

  10. is the lincoln engine shed gig still on 22nd november ? :) !

    — adam · Thursday November 17, 2011 · #

  11. please say sbtrkt is still supporting for the manchester gig?

    — daniela · Thursday November 17, 2011 · #

  12. So sorry to hear the boys have postponed the gigs due to illness- get well soon Ed- sending you healing wishes! I was due to go to Glasgow- I can’t make the rescheduled date as have no holidays left to take from work- am gutted!

    — edith · Thursday November 17, 2011 · #

  13. is there going to be an anouncement about the support acts for the re scheduled shows?

    — stuart · Thursday November 17, 2011 · #

  14. NME seemed to be speculating that the appearance of the rescheduled dates mean Ed’s now good for the remainder of the tour. Will keep fingers crossed for Leeds.

    — Rich · Friday November 18, 2011 · #

  15. Sorry to hear that some of the dates have had to be rearranged and that new dates may not be convenient but am I the only person that feels we should be wishing Ed well? Am sure that they wouldn’t have postponed dates unless necessary! x

    — Kate · Sunday November 20, 2011 · #

  16. Sorry Ed’s crook but can someone advise if Amsterdam will be rescheduled? Basically, can I hold onto my ticket or will I have to buy another one at a later date and be shafted twice for “admin fees” by the cowboys at TicketService? Wouldn’t it have been easier to stick to the tour plan and then add on the postponed dates at the end? There’ll be a lot of disappointed people not stood outside the Melkweg that night unless they feel Norwegian heavy metal is a fair alternative.

    — Nick · Wednesday November 23, 2011 · #

  17. Hi me and my mates have tickets to see you guys at tomorrow’s gig at Brixton Academy. Is this still going ahead? I hope so….

    Get well soon top man!

    — lee britton · Wednesday November 23, 2011 · #

  18. One of the most disappointing gigs ever last night at Brixton (24 nov). The bass and drums were so loud it swamped all the music and Ed voice just couldnt be heard. Not the venue, as Brixton is usually brilliant for sound. So disappointed. You need to do more sound checking guys.

    Alan · Friday November 25, 2011 · #

  19. Pala is wonderful, but sadly last night (24 Nov) at Brixton it was too loud :-(

    — David · Friday November 25, 2011 · #

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    uloiytbl · Friday November 25, 2011 · #

  21. I heard that TEED was supporting at the Rock City gig instead of SBTRKT, is this true? X

    Emma · Saturday November 26, 2011 · #

  22. Gutted Glasgow dates have been rescheduled for the 20th. A Tuesday night for gods sake! That’ll be an interesting drive to and from Edinburgh with work the next day. Anyone want my tickets..

    — Ross Middleton · Saturday November 26, 2011 · #

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  25. Dear FF,
    I cant believe it!! I have only just found out the day before i fly out that you are not playing in Brussels. But are instead playing in Manchester, where Im flying out from!
    The ticket company you supported on your site, ‘’ have not informed me at all of the cancelation or considered reimbursing me.
    Please help! Any advice would be great.
    Have fun playing to Manchester! And get well soon Ed!

    — Rob · Wednesday December 14, 2011 · #

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