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Richard Turner 1984-2011

Tuesday August 16, 2011

On Friday we learnt of the sudden passing of Richard Turner. Rich played trumpet in our live gigs on and off for three years. He was an utterly exceptional musician and his contributions to our shows will be hugely missed.

He was also an accomplished and admired composer. Here’s some music he wrote for his own band Round Trip.

You can see him warming up and emptying his valve in this video taken before our gig at Benicassim this year.

On tour he was much envied for his ability to fall asleep at will however uncomfortable the bus, plane, car or train.

RIP to an unbelievable musician and friend.


  1. Really sorry to hear this. :(
    We had a great time playing and hanging out at Emmaboda Festival last summer. RIP

    Magnus · Wednesday August 17, 2011 · #

  2. I am truly so sorry to hear that. The only time I ever saw him play was only at the iTunes Festival 2011 on the live stream, I am sad to say. He was a great trumpet player, and to you I am sure more.

    — Madison · Thursday August 18, 2011 · #

  3. Fantastic player, but not to be nosy, how did he pass away? 27 is just the begginnig of LIFE! He’ll be remembered for his fantastic music, that’s for sure.

    MY condolenses to everyone who worked with him.

    Carol Willett

    Carol Willett · Friday August 19, 2011 · #

  4. Im so sorry, The talent never dies … Its essence will continue to inspire others …… RIP

    — Annies Triher · Friday August 19, 2011 · #

  5. richard was an amazing talent and one of the old school. his bebop roots shone through and there aint enough of us left! being a horn player myself and being weened on the likes of miles, charlie, winton, art, yeah you know their sir names and i prefer to be freindly,you know he’ll be havin a party right now with those boys. if you’re looking in the future mail me

    — mike corcoran · Saturday August 20, 2011 · #

  6. So that people know the truth: Rich died of a ruptured aortic aneurysm. He was very very fit but passed due to this sudden event that no one could have prevented. He was a kind and genuine friend who will be truly missed. M xxx

    — Mark (Close firend of Rich's) · Saturday August 20, 2011 · #

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