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Hi all.

Monday September 27, 2010

If you’re wondering where we’ve gone, we’ve been busy recording orchestras tuning up and the Harlem Gospel Choir for use on our next record. Its all sounding pretty large right now. Barry White large.

Our mix CD for Bugged Out drops today. Its perfect for soundtracking your slumber party or Bar Mitzvah. Go cop that.

Dwelling in:
Great Britain?

For 2 weeks only you can get a FREE MP3 of “Stay Here” our collaboration with Toronto band Azari & III right here:

Also people of Paris, the Friendly Fires Discomatic Immunity DJ roadshow is turning up in your backyards the weekend after next. Come down, its sure to be fun.

7th Oct – Collette store, Paris. 3.30pm onwards

8th Oct – The Social Club, Paris

See you there perhaps?

More info on the Bugged Out comp here



  1. I just want to say that I love the music you make, guys!It´s amazing. I wish there were bands like yours here in Brazil!
    I almost killed myself because I missed your concert here in Rio !!!
    Please,be back!

    — Samuel · Tuesday September 28, 2010 · #

  2. tour england again soon

    — John Scott · Wednesday September 29, 2010 · #

  3. i hope you guys are planning a side show or two when you come to Oz in the summer!

    — aaron · Tuesday October 5, 2010 · #

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    — gguzguitgi · Thursday October 7, 2010 · #

  5. loved your music for years , keep groovin

    — Adrian Wardle · Saturday October 9, 2010 · #

  6. I like thoose kind of offers

    — Hermann · Sunday October 10, 2010 · #

  7. thanx

    — sebastian · Monday October 11, 2010 · #

  8. Are you guys interested in spinning in a 1000 year old church in the middle of Prague. One of the sickest venues in all of Europe. I would love to bring you guys out to Prague for a weekend. Email me if your interested.

    Kind Regards,

    — PJ Tagh · Tuesday October 12, 2010 · #

  9. hallo

    — Klein · Wednesday October 13, 2010 · #

  10. Woo you guys are coming back to Australia for Good Vibes!!!!! Please come cause last time I know you couldnt at the last minute but i got tickets to your Sydney side show with Gossip and I still had to go even though I dont listen to them :S haha but pleaseee please do lots of sideshows (as the main act :D – and if you wanna come down to Canberra aswell :P)

    — Kiri · Thursday October 28, 2010 · #

  11. Hello

    — Liz · Friday November 5, 2010 · #

  12. Why oh why aren’t you making a sideshow in Sydney, Aus 2011?? I’m gonna be at Good Vibes but…. a sideshow is the ultimate way to bask in the ultimate FF ambience!! :’( waa

    — Feebz · Monday November 8, 2010 · #

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